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Battery Usage & Maintenance

Identify the types of batteries in your digital lock. Generally, there are two types of batteries for digital locks: lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries. Open the battery cover at the back part of your digital lock in order to check and identify the type of your digital lock batteries.
For alithium-ion rechargeable battery, you should take out the battery and recharge it every 4-6 months using the micro-USB or Type C cable via an USB plug. On the other hand, for Alkaline batteries, you should discard the old batteries and replace them with 4 pieces of new Alkaline batteries.
How to check & replace or recharge batteries >>
Check your batteries regularly. Batteries should be changed immediately once the low battery indicator lights up. In addition, we recommend customers change all 4 batteries once every 6 months (even if there is no low battery indicator), as batteries with low power are more prone to battery leakages.
Most of the digital locks require only 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries. For models with 8-battery compartments (e.g., WiFi-model digital locks), we recommend using only 4 batteries at one time to reduce the probability of battery leakages. Purchase reliable battery brands from authorized sellers to prevent battery leakage, which could damage your lock. A digital lock damaged by battery leakage is not covered under warranty. Recommended brands of alkaline batteries are, as such, Panasonic EVOLTA, Duracell, Maxell alkaline batteries, etc.
Do not use heavy-duty batteries. Please do not use heavy-duty batteries, carbon-zinc-type batteries, or rechargeable batteries, as these are generally underpowered and not suitable for digital locks. Also, please avoid using Alkaline MAX batteries or lithium batteries, as digital locks are not high-current discharge devices.
Avoid mixing new and old batteries. Do not mix the brands of batteries or mix new and old batteries. Please replace all the batteries altogether and make sure they are of the same brand and brand new.

Warranty Registration Form

General Warranty Terms


A Two-Year Warranty will be provided for your product and its components, covering defective materials and manufacturing faults for a period of 2 years.


Customers must use GOLDEN KEY's certified installers for product installation and keep this Warranty Card together with the official Invoice for inspection during warranty service.


General & Exclusions:
  • Products which are NOT installed by GOLDEN KEY’s certified installers.
  • Replacement of any external parts such as outer body, digital keypad panel, lever handle and so on; any accessories and parts that are not considered as internal parts of the lock body.
  • Misuse of the product, repair or modification by unapproved personnel, negligence, accident or natural calamities.


There shall be NO WARRANTY for battery leakage and/or any misuse of the batteries that could lead to the digital lock malfunctioning.


The product warranty is valid and applicable exclusively to Malaysia. *

* GOLDEN KEY LOCKSMITH SDN. BHD. reserves the right to amend, at its sole discretion and without notice, any of the conditions described in this Warranty Card.

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