Banker Safe BK4

Banker Safe BK4



Meet our Banker Safe Series, tailored-made for financial institutions to protect valuable assets. The innovative V-Ridge design is built for heat and smoke resistance and also provides an interlocking feature to add toughness against conventional tool attacks. What sets the Banker Safe Series apart is the special insulation called Thermal Expanded Microfoam, inspired by Japanese safe makers. It elevates security that not only protects the belongings but also adds an extra layer of protection against fire and theft, making it the pinnacle of security for your most precious possessions. 

Product Description


Product Specification

Exterior dimensions H x W x D (mm): 1386 x 762 x 870
Interior dimensions H x W x D (mm): 1072 x 533 x 643
Net weight (kg): 1180
Locking system:  1 Combination Lock + 1 Key Lock
Fire Resistant: 60 minutes
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